Confirmation Class

Starts September 22, 2019

Confirmation Class at Holy Cross

The Bible teaches us that each person should confess his or her faith. Then the Bible asks: "how will they know if they have not heard?"

Confirmation Class is how we at HCLC help to prepare your kids to take the most important step in response to Jesus' love: confessing their faith.

Our goals for the course are as follows:

1. prepare your children to express the Christian faith as THEIR OWN faith.

2. increase your children's enjoyment of their lives from a biblical perspective.

3. equip your children to defend their faith with confidence.

Classes begin in September on certain Sundays after the conclusion of our Worship service. You can find the schedule and register below.

Confirmation Class is recommended for students entering their first year of high school.

If you have additional questions, Contact Pastor Sparling

Class Schedule

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