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167 > 1

Wait. What?

Most Christian kids spend about an hour per week at church. But there are 168 hours in a week.

That means you've got about 167 times greater influence on your kids than we do at HCLC!

Here are a few ideas to help you make those 167 hours count.

Be Consistent

Kids thrive best on routine. Bed times, school schedules, meal times... when these remain consistent children are more quick to express joy and obedience. The same principle applies to your spiritual habits. Attending Church regularly, praying before mealtime and before bedtime, having little "God-talks" in the car... and doing so consistently... this is what adds up to spiritual maturity for us all, kids included.

Be A Partner

We love your kids. But we only see them for a brief weekly time together. During your week together, make notes about your child's curiosities and questions. If you think your son or daughter has had a God-inspired experience during the week, tell us! When you communicate with us about your child, we become a better partner with you in raising up his or her faith in Jesus.


You don't need to wait until Sunday morning to have a conversation about your child's spiritual development. Our Pastor is always eager to listen and discuss what is going on at home or at school or wherever else. Contact him here.