Next Steps

Upcoming events, signups, & every next step can be found here

God Made the First Step

Being made-right-with-God is the greatest moment in life. Jesus has made you right with God.

See, God always makes the First Step. He saved you.

So what's your next step?

Be Sure You're Baptized

If you've never been Baptized before, that's totally your next step. Click the Baptism Card below.

Give Your Time to God

If it's time to volunteer your time with one of our ministries, start with the Volunteer Card below.

Give Your Tithe and/or Offering

We believe that giving is an important way God wants us to worship Him. Click the Rebel Give Icon or the Giving Card below.

Attend Worship Services

We also believe that the highest form of worship is when we do it together. Click the Plan A Visit Card below.

Learn To Know The Bible

God communicates to each one of us through the writings of Scripture. Click the Bible Card below.

Find New Friends

OK, it sounds corny. But it's not. God places us together for a reason, and we discover that reason by hanging out together. Click the Fellowship Card below.

Be A Member

If your Next Step is climbing in to membership with us at HCLC, that's great! Use the Pastor Contact card below.

Express Yourself

Sometimes the best next step is to talk about what is going on in your life. Use the Pastor Contact card below.

Take Your Next Step