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Online Giving

Your tithes and offerings enable us to continue doing Gospel ministry.

Thank you for supporting the Gospel with your gifts to Holy Cross.

If you have any questions about our ministry, how we budget your gifts, or how we can grow into a new area of ministry, please contact Pastor at

HCLC uses the Rebelgive platform for its online giving. Rebelgive is dedicated to insuring that 100% of your online gift goes to Holy Cross. As a result there is a very small transaction fee of $0.25 paid by you, the giver*. You will see it added to your total gift. (Other giving platforms take a percentage from online gift transactions reducing your gift. We chose Rebelgive because they do not charge these extra fees!)

*Gift must be drawn from Debit or Check Number. Credit Card donations have a small fee attached.

For your convenience, you may also set up an account with Rebelgive, along with recurring giving options and more.

Give it a try! Just click on that little round blue icon to get started.